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Ricky Mastro - 2020

Best Actor Award 2020
for "7 MINUTES"

14º For Rainbow – Festival de Cinema e Cultura
da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero
/ Fortaleza-Brazil

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...7 Minutes relies heavily on Herbez's performance. He is the glue that holds the story and the film together. It was therefore absolutely necessary that its execution be flawless... 



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7 minutes's strength comes from the interesting drawing of the father figure and the subtle acting of Antoine Herbez. John enters his son's world without evaluating him. He is looking for answers, but above all, proximity. The relationship that is gradually being established between him and Fabien cannot be set up on a clear formula. It is not (only) the birth of a surrogate-father-son relationship, or the "rescue" of another young man as an act of substitution, or even a seduction from Fabien that leads Jean to his queer's side. It is much more complex; it seems to be the basic human need to give and receive affection. Herbez embodies his role in a very moving way and makes perceptible the desire to be able to give love. It's an interesting performance, precisely because it's so discreet.

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As the movie slowly reveals who Jean is and how he feels, 7 Minutes relies heavily on Herbez’s performance. He is the glue that holds the story and the film together, making it absolutely necessary that his execution be nearly flawless. Jean is calm and straightforward in comparison to almost all of the other characters. Jean is less than appealing, borderline emotionless, and dull, and he is the key to the story. His reserved personality allows viewers to come to conclusions on their own and avoid being distracted by any exaggeration. Herbez is brilliant in his portrayal of this unassuming man and brings to life the heartbreaking scenario of losing a child.


Antoine Herbez is strong as Jean, embodying a man whose grief for his son leads him to behave in ways he never imagined. Whilst it is slightly creepy that he doesn’t initially reveal his true identity, you can understand a father’s need to try and connect with some part of his late son’s life. 


The appropriate actor for a father figure whose son's sexuality is not a problem, but who simply cannot understand his premature death that leads him on the search for traces.

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How reassuring and benevolent it is to see a parent immersing himself in his child's world without any prejudice and with a rather impressive open-mindedness ! 

A father figure who does good in these times still as troubled.

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The figure of a father initially interesting and well played by a good French actor, Antoine Herbez.

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