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37 ANS
Play for 2 characters 

Les Cygnes Ed.

Nadège Bariani finishes her 37th year in prison. She has always refused to speak, to tell about herself. But, 15 days before her release, she makes her decision : she requires its guardians to choose the journalist she will talk to from photo... A whim. Or a provocation.

Clovis Marx enters the cell to do an interview. He is 37 years old. But he is no longer a journalist, he is nothing, he has nothing and he doesn't want anything.

They will observe each other, gauge each other, challenge each other and seduce each other. Which is more locked up of the two? The strength she will give him, he will use it to guide her.

37 years or how to relearn to laugh and love...

Petits Riens Grands Festins couv.webp
petits riens grands festins
Cook Book

Albin Michel Ed.

All these ingredients waiting in the closet, the fridge, the freezer... what do I do with it? Who has never opened his cupboard, his fridge, his freezer to close it immediately? No desire, no taste, no imagination, no ideas... And fed up with finding that bag of squid forgotten for weeks in his freezer, seeing these bananas start to darken, being cluttered with that bottle of maple syrup bought during a frantic craving for pancakes last winter, seeing the expiration date of these yogurts fast approaching and thinking that you'll have to swallow four of them at once not to throw them away!

No need to rack your brains to accommodate leftovers of all kinds! This book is here to save you: open it to Almond, Banana, Squid, Gruyere, Haddock, Coconut Milk, Honey, Egg, Chicken, Semolina, Maple Syrup, Yogurt... From A to Z, you will find more than 420 recipes and variants, which will allow you in the blink of an eye to transform a little bit... in a great feast!

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